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British Thiepval Memorial

The Franco-British Memorial at Thiepval is one of the largest memorials in the world. Inaugurated in 1932, it lists the names of more than 72,000 soldiers who died in the fighting.
Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Memorial reminds us that the Battle of the Somme, from 1 July to 18 November 1916, was the bloodiest of the Great War with 1,200,000 victims. Hundreds of thousands of visitors (the vast majority of whom are British) make a pilgrimage to this site of remembrance every year.
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The Ulster Tower

A central place of remembrance on the circuit of the memory of the Battle of the Somme, so great was the sacrifice of the soldiers of the 36th Ulster Division. Here you can stroll through the small park surrounding the Gothic Tower before entering for a moment to discover the curious jumble of objects placed here and there in tribute to the sons of Ireland. Around the grounds are two of the most peaceful Commonwealth cemeteries on the Western Front.

Beaumont Hamel Newfoundland Memorial

Just 10 minutes from Albert, in the heart of the sites of remembrance, the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial gives you a realistic view of the battles thanks to an admirably well-preserved network of trenches. Allow at least an hour and a half to discover the park, which covers 30 hectares. As soon as you arrive, take your children to the mound where the Caribou statue is enthroned: an impressive panorama of the trenches and shell holes. 

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The Wellington quarry and the Battle of Arras; the Battle of Vimy and its Canadian memorial; and so many memorials, necropolises and cemeteries: the Pays d'Artois is an open book on a major page in French history. One hundred years after the Great War, the whole world meets here to remember. Set out on the paths of memory and discover surprising and moving sites. In Arras and the Artois region, you will go back in time to better look to the future!
Battery Valley Farm chambre d'hôtes Grandcourt - table d'hôtes - vacances dans la Somme


Amiens is a city that is unjustly ignored. Your escapade will be cultural and festive: the cathedral, an immense stone vessel.

At its feet stand the small houses of the medieval district of Saint-Leu, built on the waterfront.

These dapper facades are now home to bars, restaurants, antique shops and craft stalls where it is pleasant to stroll. A trip to the floating gardens of the hortillonnages is also a must.

Péronne / Thiepval

The Historial de la Grande Guerre presents, in its two museums in Péronne and Thiepval, the First World War in all its scope.

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Battery Valley Farm

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